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therentalgang's Journal

The Rental Gang
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Ever want to know what kinds of movies your friends like? Ever wonder if anyone else thinks that line from Shrek is as funny as you do? Ever see a movie everyone raved about, but you thought was a joke...or that you thought was brilliant, even though the critics put it to shame?

This is a community to see and share all of that and more. From the classics to comedy, from musicals to mysteries - we've got it all! Here's how therentalgang works...

*One member chooses a movie every two weeks.

*The movie must be readily available at most major video stores for rent.

*You rent and watch the chosen movie sometime during the two week period.

*After watching, log on and post your thoughts. Any favorite quotes? Best/worst scenes? How about the acting? Feel free to share! Disagree with your friends opinions. Broaden people's horizons. Hey, even write a short review if you'd like. It's entirely up to you.

**(Any spoilers should be placed behind LJ cuts whenever possible. Thanks.)**

It's that fun and that simple! Come on inside and see what we're watching right now!

(This is currently an open community. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them, or to contact joesnotdead.)

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