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New and a couple of movies to talk about :)

Just rented Gray Owl, Taylor of Panama and Evelyn -- yes, I'm on a Pierce Brosan kick. That said, I've seen stinkers (even turned off Nomad 20 minutes in it was so painful), but these 3 are real gems in their own way.

Gray Owl: not what you'd expect -- Brosnan in an Attenborough film to begin with -- so beautiful vistas and photography -- but also quite a respectable performance by Brosnan. Not Brosnan *as* a native american, as such -- but I don't want to spoil it for you, so I won't give it away. Suffice to say, Brosnan is actually more in his element than one might expect and this movie is well worth the time.

Taylor of Panama: "oooh, it's a think line between saturday night and sunday morning" -- and between the Good guys and the Bad guys. This one is over the line -- Brosnan as an agent that's gone bad with Geoffrey rush as the actual Taylor and Jamie Curtis in the smaller role of the Taylor's Wife. Quite a piece -- stellar performances by all involved and quite possibly one of the most disconcerting pieces I've watched in many years...

Evelyn: Not a traditional Brosana role -- but one he really puts his heart into. Out of work painter in 1950's Ireland whose wife ups and leaves one Boxer day morning with little warning. His children are put in orphanages (one for each gender) after his wife's mother reports him as unable to raise the children. His wife's father is his best friend. He must prove he's fit to raise children (one boy, one girl, name of evelyn) as a single father in a country that says he isn't. Based on a real life event, Doyle finally manages to actually get some of the laws changed in Ireland. Excellent performances turned in by Brosnan, the Father-in-Law, the Lawyers and the lady bartender. The children, especially Evelyn, are wonderful as well.

Can't wait to see what he's putting out over the next 2 years -- i think we're expecting 3 films in that time. He's shooting one now, in pre-pro for another and looking at a 3rd...


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