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Italian for Beginners

Hi. This is my first post to this community. My name is Jennifer and I'm 23 years old. In my family we are all movie lovers. I'm very forunate that my father is a movie destributor and we have tons and tons and Tons of videos, DVDs, and screeners lying around.

So it's really rare that I do go to the video store. I do go to indulge my avid foreign film appetite, however.

A friend recently told me about a Norwegian film called Italian for Beginners. I was wondering if any of you have seen this movie, what your thoughts were and if it was easy to find in a video store like Blockbuster or Hollywood video.

I could always request that the library where I work order it (they always order foreign films patrons request) but that takes a long time and if I can get it easier it would be helpful.
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