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Boys on the Side

It's been quite a while since I've had a really good cry. This movie had me. I remember seeing Boys on the Side not long after it first released. I thought there were some funny parts to it, but I didn't really connect with the movie at all. I've always thought of it as an okay movie, but now it's become one of my favorites. This movie is about any of us. It's about life and friendships and love...and with it, the drama and mistakes and pain.

Mary-Louise Parker is my favorite character in the movie. Incredibly brave, and sometimes funny as hell. Whoopi Goldberg has to be a close second. I've always like Whoopi's comedy, but I would have never thought I'd actually laugh at something coming out of Mary-Louise Parker's mouth. Maybe I haven't seen enough of her acting. Don't get me wrong, I like her as an actress a lot, but just never thought of her as funny.

My favorite scene in the movie was when Robin and her mother Elaine (great job, by the way by Anita Gillette) were in Robin's living room in Arizona. Robin was looking at old photo albums.

Elaine: "...that's what you get in life. You get whoever you end up with. Whoever is willing to stick by you and fight for you when everyone else is gone. And it ain't always who you expect. You just have to make do."

The funniest scene...Whoopi "playing" the Thigh Master. That was good stuff.

Okay, besides the "hoo hoo" are some of my other favorite quotes from the movie:

    MLP: Do you ever knock? WG: Not in a public toilet.
    MLP: Nick you've got some real likability issues. Now, who has tape?
    WG: I am not going over a cliff for you two, so just forget it.
    MLP: Why aren't you after me?
    MM: ...and I take this name seriously. I cannot tell a lie. WG: That was Washington you Schmuck!
    MLP: You're the one that's in love with someone you can never have.
    AG: She's a black lesbian?!

Okay, so there was one thing I didn't care for in the movie. I've never been a huge Matthew McConaughey fan, even though he did alright in this movie. It's his character's dialogue that grated on my nerves. The way the character seemed a little much, a little forced. Not quite natural. It was a bit distracting...but not so much so that it took anything away from the other characters or the movie.

I'm really glad I had the chance to watch this movie again. I definitely hope to own it someday.
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